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This page allows you to search through the Marvel Silver Age Comic Covers collected by Nick Simon. [Please note that Nick's site moved a few months ago; please update your bookmark.]

Enter search phrases in the boxes below, and optionally restrict the search by comic title(s) and/or date.

Search phrases can be the names of good guys, bad guys, words on the cover, writers, artists, general descriptions, 'reprint', 'crossover', etc. During long, late sessions I've added a few unusual keywords, that you might try guessing :).

What isn't here: the "Gal" and "Romance" titles, such as Patsy Walker and Our Love Story have not yet been added to the search engine index. You'll have to look at Nick's pages directly. Sorry about that.

Other things:

NEW STUFF: The search engine is actually returning Nick's images, and links to GCD, after being broken for several months.

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Journey into Mystery Marvel Tales Strange Tales Strange Worlds
Early Westerns
Gunsmoke Western Kid Colt Outlaw Rawhide Kid Two-Gun Kid
I'm Changing!!
Amazing Fantasy Tales of Suspense Tales to Astonish
Lo, it begins...
Avengers Daredevil Fantastic Four The Hulk
JiM/Thor Spider-Man X-Men
War is Hell!!
Captain Savage Sgt Fury
60's Reprints
Collectors' Items Fantasy Masterpieces Marvel's Greatest Marvel Super-Heroes
Marvel Tales
Saga Unfolds...
Captain America Captain Marvel Dr Strange Iron Man
Ka-Zar Nick Fury Not Brand Echh Silver Surfer
60's Westerns
Ghost Rider Mighty Marvel Westerns
60's Horror
Chamber of Darkness Tower of Shadows
Conan Kull
70's Reprints
Marvel Double Feature Special Marvel Edition
Amazing Adventures Astonishing Tales Millie the Model Spoof

All Before On After


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