000-209 Introduction to Computer Science

I've placed the PowerPoint slides for the subject "000-209 Introduction to Computer Science" at this site, together with exercises and MSW Logo resources.

If you print these slides out, please print 6 slides-to-a-page to save on trees. Thanks.


I'll be adding the exercise sheets here as the semester progresses. Each one is worth 10%.

MSW Logo Resources

The longer examples from Parts 12 and 13 are here.

Parts 12 and 13 use MSW Logo, which can be downloaded from Softronix in the USA (1.7 MB). Or you can download it from here at PSU (1.7 MB).

The Softronix site includes a lot of useful Logo links. I've downloaded The Great Logo Adventure (3.5 MB) by Jim Muller, and An Introduction to MSW Logo (153 KB) by Jim Fuller to PSU to save download bandwidth.

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