[Siamese cat PIC] Chapter 1.   Why Java for Games Programming?


This is where I revisit many discussions (i.e. arguments) about why Java is not a crazy choice for games programming. Possibly this chapter isn't necessary since you're already convinced of Java's qualities. But maybe you're not quite sure.


1. First the Advantages, but briefly...

One of my assumptions is that the reader (that's you) already has an introductory knowledge of Java, the sort of stuff gleaned from a semester's course at college. Near the start of that course, you'll have been regaled with Java's many advantages: object orientation, cross-platform support, code reuse, ease of development, tool availability, reliability and stability, good documentation, support from Sun Microsystems, low development costs, the ability to use legacy code (e.g. C, C++), and increased programmer productivity

Rather than explain each of them again, I'll take a different approach. I'll discuss Java's suitability for games programming in terms of the typical misconceptions/complaints wheeled out by people who think that games must be implemented in C, or C++, or assembler, or whatever (so long as its not Java).

Here's the list, briefly:




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