Chapter 18.   3D Sprites


[Tour3D PIC] In this chapter, we develop a Sprite3D class, very similar in nature to the 2D sprite class of Chapter 11. Subclasses of Sprite3D are used to create different kinds of sprites, which are placed in a world filled with scenery and obstacles.

Other features illustrated by the Tour3D application:




Getting the Code to Work with Linux

On Linux, there are case-insensitivity problems when loading some files. For example, the code refers to "Coolrobo.3ds". but the file is actually called "COOLROBO.3DS". The case difference doesn't matter on Windows. On Linux, it triggers an error message about the file not being found.

The fix is to change the name of the file so its case matches that used in the code (e.g. rename "COOLROBO.3DS" to "Coolrobo.3ds"). There's no need to modify the Java code.


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