Chapter 19.   Animated 3D Sprites


[Walking PIC] In this chapter, we modify the Sprite3D class of Chapter 18, correcting one of its main weaknesses: the AnimSprite3D class loads several models, which represent different poses for the sprite depending on the action it is carrying out. For instance, as the sprite moves forward, the 'standing' pose is replaced by a 'walking' pose.

The poses are further enhanced by being animated, so that walking is actually represented by a series of walking poses which are displayed one after another.

We call this succession of poses an animation sequence. Typically, a user's key press (e.g. down arrow to move forward) is translated into an animation sequence of several sprite poses.

[Punching PIC] Initially we describe the application running in a medium-size window but, at the end of the chapter, we show how to use Full-Screen Exclusive Mode (FSEM). We also explain how to modify the display mode for the monitor with FSEM.

The two images on this page shows the sprite (a "stick child") walking, and punching.

The application does not include a chasing alien sprite, scenery, or obstacles. However, these could be added by using the techniques described in Chapter 18.




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