[models PIC] Chapter 29.   Networking Basics


The next four chapters are about networked games.

This chapter runs through networking fundamentals (e.g. what are the client/server and peer-to-peer models?) and explains basic network programming with sockets, URLs, and servlets.

Chapter 30 is about online chat, the "hello world" of network programming. We look at three chat variants: one using a client/server model, one employing multicasting, and chatting with servlets.

Chapter 31 describes a networked version of the FourByFour application, a turn-based game which is a demo in the Java 3D distribution.

Chapter 32 revisits the Tour3D application of Chapter 18 (the robot walking about a checkboard landscape), and adds networking to allow multiple users to share the world. We also discuss some of the advanced issues concerning networked virtual environments (NVEs), of which NetTour3D is a simple example.

The structure of this chapter in more detail:




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