[Movie3D PIC] Chapter 28.3.   Playing Movies in a Java 3D World (Part 1)


[ This chapter does not appear in the book. ]

The ability to play a movie clip inside a Java 3D scene opens up opportunities for richer, more interesting 3D content. A movie can display more believable backgrounds, such as moving clouds, a busy city street, or the view out of a window. Movies can be employed in help screens, or as transitions between game levels.

This article, which is split into two parts, describes how I implemented a Java 3D movie screen. In this part, I'll explain how I utilized the Java Media Framework (JMF), more specifically the JMF Performance Pack for Windows v.2.1.1e The other tools in my arsenal were J2SE 5.0 and Java 3D 1.3.2. In part two, I'll discuss another version of the movie screen, using Quicktime for Java.

Two screenshots of the JMF Movie3D application are shown at the top of this page, taken at different times: the one on the right is a view of the screen from the back.

The important elements of this application are:




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