'Introduction to Java 3D' Slides


[ These slides do not appear in the book. ]

[Slides PIC] I've prepared Powerpoint slides giving a quick introduction to Java 3D, to be used in a two-part lab. Part 1 consists of 47 slides, part 2 has 43.

The slides are closely linked to the Checkers3D example in Chapter 15, so (good) students are expected to read that as well.

An irritation is that Powerpoint gives a warning about 'Far East text' when the slides are first openned. Ignore it, and click the Ok button. All the text is in English.

For teachers: suggested lab exercises revolve around modifying the Checkers3D code. For example, change the sphere to a cube and adjust its position so it rests on the XZ plane. A second exercise could ask students to replace the sphere by the galleon OBJ file (discussed in Part 2), and make it point left along the -x axis.




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