[penguin1 PIC] M3G Chapter 2.   An Animated Model


[ This chapter does not appear in the book. ]

This chapter is about the animation of a penguin model so it moves in a circle around the origin on the XZ plane. The images on the right shows two screenshots of the penguin at different points in its journey.

Two animations are applied to the penguin: a translation to move the model around the circumference of a circle, and a rotation so the penguin stays pointing in its current direction of motion. The animations are implemented using M3G's AnimationTrack, KeyframeSequence, and AnimationController classes.

[penguin2 PIC] Other features of this application:

The code is available in the AnimM3G/ subdirectory.

My thanks to Kari Pulli, Tomi Aarnio, and Kari J. Kangas of Nokia for helping me to understand animation using keyframe sequences.




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