[face recognition PIC] Chapter VBI-10.   Face Recognition


This chapter does not appear in the book.


In the last chapter I developed software that could detect and track a face as it moved in front of a webcam. The next step, and the topic of this chapter, is to attach a name to the face, to recognize it using a technique called eigenfaces.

The outcome is the GUI application shown at the top of this page.

When the user presses the "Recognize Face" button (at the bottom of the window in the picture), the currently selected face is compared against a set of images that the recognizer code has been trained against. The name associated with closest matching training image is reported in a textfield (and in yellow text in the image pane), along with a distance measure represented the 'closeness' of the match.

The recognition process relies on a preceding training phase involving multiple facial images, with associated names.