[Multitouch PIC] Chapter NUI-9.   Using Multiple Mice


This chapter does not appear in the book.


Multitouch envy is a dangerous emotion for laptop and PC users, and tends to make us forget the excessive effort required to keep lifting your hand (or even both hands, heavens forbid!) up to the screen to move, resize and rotate stuff.

One aspect of a multitouch interface might be helpful the ability to have more than one cursor active on the screen at once. Imagine plugging two mice into a PC and have them appear on screen as two cursors. In fact, most laptops users already employ two input devices, a mouse and a touch pad, but linked to a single, jointly shared, cursor.

Multiple mice (by which I really mean multiple on-screen cursors) are possible in Java by interacting with them via the JInput library. I'll go through three examples in this chapter:




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