[book PIC] Code for Pro Java 6 3D Game Development


You can download all the code as a single zip file, pj63DCode.zip (3.5 MB). It contains multiple zip files, one for each chapter of the book.

Alternatively, you can download the code on a chapter-by-chapter basis by going to the relevant chapter page via the top-level page of this site.


Getting my Code to Work (Part 1)

I sometimes get queries about the code "not compiling" or "not working". It does compile and work, but you need to install Java first, and then any additional API libraries (e.g. Java 3D, JOGL, JOAL, JInput).

Start by installing the latest version of the Java SE Development Kit. As of March 2007, that's JDK 6.

I use many extra libraries that aren't part of the development kit. Details on how to download and install them can be found at the start of the first chapter describing them, and in the readme.txt files that come with the examples. The relevant first chapters:

Getting my Code to Work (Part 2)

Each of the code directories contains its own readme.txt file which explains how to compile and execute that chapter's examples.



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