Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets

Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets (KOPS) is the only book that explains the official Java wrappers for OpenNI and NITE. (If you want installation instructions, scroll down this page a little.)

The main drawback of using the PrimeSense Java wrappers is their lack of documentation. As I explain in chapter 1, I had to decompile the libraries' JAR files, and work out the correspondences between the Java source and the somewhat better documented C++ OpenNI/NITE APIs. This is why including "secrets" in the book's title isn't too excessive :).

This book covers programming topics not found elsewhere. I start off with the basics, with chapters on depth, infrared, and RGB imaging, point clouds, skeletal user tracking, hand tracking, and gesture support. Moving beyond that, I look at several novel and unusual features, including:

Early (sometimes very early) draft versions of KOPS's chapters can be downloaded from here (see the links below). All the book's code is here, downloadable on a chapter-by-chapter basis from each chapter's page, or as a single zip file (576 KB). I'll also be adding new chapters here; chapters which don't appear in the book.

If you're looking for Killer Game Programming in Java then it's here.


What this Book is Not About

I'm concentrating on the Kinect without including chapters explaining OOP concepts such as classes, objects, and inheritance. This is not a book for first-time Java programmers.

More importantly, I don't have the space to seriously explain the topics of 3D graphics or computer vision. I introduce them (in the form of Java 3D and JavaCV) in enough detail so that you can understand my examples, but there are worlds of material which I don't mention. When I get to these topics, I'll suggest books and websites where you can find more information.


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