Windows Programming Using Java

Gayathri Singh and Andrew Davison

Windows Programming Using Java is for programmers who want to extend Java's capabilities on Windows XP and/or Vista, but aren't sure where to start. One of the drawbacks of Java's portability is that many Java programmers have a rather sketchy knowledge of Windows-specific programming.

We'll explain how Java applications can utilize Windows application software, OS features, and hardware beyond the reach of Java's standard libraries. A variety of Java/Windows programming techniques are explained, including:

For example, we show how Win32 process management functions can be used to monitor, schedule or terminate processes. We explain how Window's animation effects can be employed by Java applications while copying or moving large files. Hardware devices such as foot-pedals can provide input to Java programs through the use of Window's USB Human Interface Device API. Java windows can be made snazzier with custom window shapes, layered windows, ActiveX controls, and per-pixel transparency. With Window's multimedia capabilities, Java applications can merrily sing and dance.

This website is a work in progress, which explains why chapter 10 is here, but not chapters 3-9. We'll be adding those chapters, eventually.

For more information, please read the Preface (PDF; 312 KB; last updated on June 17th 2008).

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