My Record of progress or not progress in IPv6 Research


The project has started sometime last year, but my record in the book show I begin asking KRE what to do about the research around begining of August 2001.

In the lengthly reply mail from Robert, I know that I almost know nothing about IPv6, even though I have been using and administrating TCP/IP (IPv4) for sometimes.

At that moment we have two channel connecting to 6Bone network, all of thoes was setup by Robert, and the packet was sent through "jade", the NetBSD machine that Robert had setup for this purpose.

After surfing around 6Bone and other related IPv6 website, I decided to try learn by getting another connection to 6Bone, around end of August, I sent e-mail to Paul Aitken at CISCO asking for connection to 6Bone via CISCO. And got 3FFE:C00:802C::/48 block, via <=NAT=>		3FFE:C00:8023:18::2/64
		v		3FFE:C00:8023:18::1/64

However, with recommended from Paul that I should register the IPv6 site to Viagenie registry. After create person and maintainer object, and a few e-mail with Paul, I found that we didn't have our own AS number, and I'm not sure I can use one belonged to the University. Stucking at that I didn't working on this and busy with something else for several months.

And, several months later, got an e-mail from a staff from CISCO that they didn't see any traffic from the tunnel they created, and asking me that I'm still using it or not. And that is the point I have to came back and working on it once again.

I had asked the PSU CC staff to allocate one NAT static mapping to an address allocated to the department. A NetBSD machine was setup for this purpose, and currently it announce router advertisment and other machines in the same network (172.30.0.X) also get address assinged to this site.

However for I didn't set any routing table yet, and then after that got busy with many things again ....

Currently IPv6 addresses that allocated to the department.
AddressAllocated fromTunnel
3ffe:c00:8023:181::/48CISCO USAhobbit


Next thing todo:
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