My Code Snippet Page

Calling yourself a programmer, cj? What a shame! What you have been done
in programming to call yourself a programmer?

Oh well, I couldn't say that I had contribute any thing `that count' to
the Open source software community. But these are something I had done
during several years of enjoy programming.

Today -- 20020220 -- that is my first point to collecting them and put
them into my webpage, so don't expect that much, I will more documents
on these code snippet later (I hope!) :-)

18 Apr 2002 -- Add "Tcl/Tk,Wish". Recycling code snippet I submitted to
sourceforge snippet.

30 Apr 2002 -- Add "Shell", from IHPT 2002, I had toying a bit with shell
script, and finally got this "timon-webboard".

22 Sep 2002 -- Add "logbook" to "Perl", this is one after many months
that this hadn't been touched.