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Since 2005, I have been interested in building a small-size  Robocup team. In 2005, we participated in Thailand Robocup Championship competition, organized by Thai Robotics Society. One of our two teams was qualified to compete in final round. Unfortunate ly, we could not pass  in to the second round.

In 2006, we sent 2 teams (PSU Knights and Khainui) to compete in Thailand Robocup Championship 2006. We did a very good job by winning the 3rd and 4th place. We also received the Best Technical Award, which we are very proud of.

Highest achievement was obtained in 2007, from Thailand Robocup Championship 2007 competition, where we are the 2nd place winner. We also received the Best Technical Award and the Popular Vote Award. Our new robots are faster, cheaper, and more beautiful.

Here are some photos of our robots:


Click here to visit our team's website. Click here to visit our iSys Lab which talks a little about our Robocup team.


Intelligent Vehicle

This year (2007) we participated in the Thailand Intelligent Vehicle Challenge 2006. This was the first event of this kind in Thailand. We build an intelligent vehicle based on a 3-wheel electric scooter. We added steering mechanism, brake mechanism, a DV camcorder, an electronic compass, an ultrasonic range sensor, a GPS receiver to our vehicle. The navigation is based on image processing and GPS coordinates. We received the Best Creativity Award.

Here are some photos:

Image of

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