[combined maps PIC] Kinect Chapters 1 and 2.   Kinect Imaging


This chapter was previously labelled as "NUI Chapter 13".


The following chapters are about controlling Microsoft's Kinect Sensor using Java. This chapter introduces the Kinect, explains how to install the developer software on Windows (which can be a bit tricky), and looks at basic imaging (depth detection, camera, and infrared (IR)).

Future chapters will look at point clouds, skeletal user tracking in 2D and 3D, tilt motor control, hand tracking, basic gesture support, and gesture-controlled GUI components.

For readers already familiar with Kinect development, I'll be using OpenNI and NITE, not OpenKinect, CLNUI, or Microsoft's Kinect for Windows SDK. The 3D features (in the point cloud and skeletal tracking examples) are implemented using Java 3D.

I'll be using the Java API released with OpenNI and NITE in mid-July 2011; I won't be utilizing Processing libraries such as Simple-OpenNI.

Kinect imaging is explained using six versions of a viewer application:




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