Bit Slicing image using Tcl/TK

Several years ago while I had involve with some GIS/remote sensing/image processing project. Discussed with Prof. Sikke A. Hempenuis, about the program I developed in C at that time. He gave me an idea about slicing image data on bit number. This meant to see in which part of spectrum that contains information. It could be use to compress data by remove part of data that contain no significant information. I didn't work much furthur than writing a program on DOS using Borland BGI to display image, but it was a good fun. Several year later, discussed something else with Sawit Tantanoot, my younger colleague. I remmebered what I did several years ago, and want to show him that program. But couldn't find it, so I rewrite using tcl/tk since, I was too lazy to writing part of image decoding. And here the final result, with still look good, even though has little use anywhere else, apart of showing that I could write some little code in tcl/tk. :)