Camera Tips & Techniques

          How to take apart lens from range-finder camera.

          How to take apart lens from Konica C35 range-finder camera.

          Yashica YL (pictures only).

          Canon QL17 (pictures only).

Cameras and lens test

JVC GC-S1 victor

Nikon Coolpix995

Konica minolta Xi

Konica MinoltaA200

Casio Exslim?

Konica MinoltaX50

Konica MinoltaX1

Sony nex5

Sony Alpha 55

Nikon IR Coolpix990

Sony T7

Sony P3

Nikon IR 950

Sony W230

Leica R 35/2.8

Nikon ais105/2.5

Nikon Mic 55/2.8

Nikon ais 80-200/4

Nikon Afs 80-200/2.8

Nikon Ai 50/1.4

Nikon ais 50/1.2

YasLynx1000 45f1.8

Tokina Fisheye0.22






Photos Galleries

          Pictures from Nikon Coolpix 995





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