Graphs Transform for Real-time System

ufThis research is done during my master’s degree, it emphasize on graph theory applying for real-time system, a system with multi-processors architecture for signal and digital image applications. The work is done for the SynDEx project at national institute of INRIA. The aim of project is to develop software that from algorithm/architectural graphs, the executive code is generated and implemented on electronic system automatically. In order to develop an application, user just only needs to design a graph, data flow graph precisely. There is another project at INRIA, called Scicos, software like Simulink. It’s for system simulation that designed on control graph. The objective of my work is when a user designs a system on Syscos, it should be implemented directly on a electronic system. It means that we have to transform a functional system on control graph (Scicos) to a system that function by data flow graph (SynDEx). I proposed solution to solve the problem by transforming the control graph to an immediate graph, called Graphe H?rarchique d’Unit?s Fonctionnelles.



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