Geographic Information System (GIS)

prog5 The development of Land Use Potential Program is very useful for Thai’s farmers. In order to gain the maximum benefit from land, the farmers should produce crop with respect to land capability. Therefor, the land use potential program will provide a basic data for the formers decision. The data used in this determination based on military map, scale 1:50000. These data include of soil group map, land capability data, roads, rivers and crop list. This program work on small boundary scale to district level where using road and river as land-marked. The program can also calculate the area of interested crop where we can estimate crop production. The soil potential can be classified into 3 categories: good, moderate and unsuitable. However, there are some unidentified area where will recognize as not available data (NA).

prog9Terrain Surface Model : his article presents the method to generate a terrain surface from contour lines on a regular grid. The solutions presented have a high in performing terrain surface quality compare to conventional thin plate method. The contour line will be covered by artificial grid. The elevation from contour line then transfer to grid co-ordinate. The final Digital Elevation Model (DEM) then transfer to ESRI shape file form for graphic presentation.


Technical Reports

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