Human Activity Recognition from Basic Actions Using State Machine

Nattapon Noorit and Nikom Suvonvorn, 2013, Human Activity Recognition from Basic Actions Using State Machine, In Proceeding of Advances Data and Information Engineering, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 16-18, 2013


High-level human activity recognition is an important method for the automatic event detection and recognition application, such as, surveillance system and patient monitoring system. In this paper, we propose a human activity recognition method based on FSM model. The basic actions with their properties for each person in the interested area are extracted and calculated. The action stream with related features (movement, referenced location) is recognized using the predefined FSM recognizer modeling based on rational activity. Our experimental result shows a good recognition accuracy (86.96% in average).

Keywords : human activity recognition, finite state machine, FSM recognizer, rational activity definition


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