Marrying level lines for stereo or motion

N. Suvonvorn, S. Bouchafa and B. Zavidovique, (2005), Marrying level lines for stereo or motion, In Proceedings of International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR), September 28-30, 2005, Toronto, Canada, p. 391-398.


iciarEfficient matching methods are crucial in Image Processing. In the present paper we outline a novel algorithm of ”stable marriages” that is also fair and globally satisfactory for both populations to be paired. Our applicative examples here being stereo or motion we match primitives based on level lines segments, known for their robustness to contrast changes. They are separately extracted from images, and we draft the corresponding process too. Then for marriages to be organised each primitive needs to be given a preference list sorting potential mates in the antagonist image: parameters of the resemblance founding preferences are explained. Eventually all operators above are embedded within a recursive least squares method and results are shown and compared with a successful Hough based matching that we had used so far.

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