A Video Analysis Framework for Surveillance System

N. Suvonvorn, (2008), A Video Analysis Framework for Surveillance System, In Proceedings of IEEE 10th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, October 8-10, 2008, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, p.867-871. ISBN: 978-1-4244-2294-4.


mmsp08An on-line video processing for surveillance system is a very challenging problem. The computational complexity of video analysis algorithms and the massive amount of data to be analyzed must be considered under real-time constraints. Moreover it needs to satisfy different criteria of application domain, such as, scalability, re-configurability, and quality of service. In this paper we propose a flexible/efficient video analysis framework for surveillance system which is a component-based architecture. The video acquisition, re-configurable video analysis, and video storage are some of the basic components. The component execution and inter-components synchronization are designed for supporting the multi-cores and multi-processors architecture with multi-threading implementation on .NET Framework. Experimental results on real-time motion tracking are presented with discussion.

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