computational complexity

VAF – Video Analysis Framework, Applied for Surveillance System


On-line video processing for surveillance system is a very challenging problem. The computational complexity of video analysis algorithms and the massive amount of data to be analyzed must be considered under real-time constraints. Moreover it needs to satisfy different criteria of application domain, such as, scalability, re-configurability, and quality of service. Here we propose a flexible/efficient video analysis framework for surveillance system which is a component-based architecture. The video acquisition, re-configurable video analysis, and video storage are some of the basic components. The component execution and inter-components synchronization are designed for supporting the multi-cores and multi-processors architecture with multi-threading implementation

Globally Satisfying and Equitable Stable Marriages and Their Complexity


N. Suvonvorn and B. Zavidovique, (2009), Globally Satisfying and Equitable Stable Marriages and Their Complexity, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM), 2009, Volume: 53, Issue: 3, page(s): 439-466, ISSN: 1311-8080.